Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cultural Ignorance

One of my best friends, SarahRose, is Jewish. Or as she would day, "Jew-ish." Anyway, she asked me Monday night if I would join her family for Passover dinner. She said that it would involve a small ceremony, and drinking lots of wine and eating food. Drinking wine and eating food are 2 things that I can really support. But I was unsure of what the ceremony involved. Wondering out loud, using the little bit of knowledge I did have related to the holiday, I asked her if the ceremony involved putting lambs blood on the door. She started to laugh and asked me if my family planned on crucifying anyone this weekend.
So I went there for dinner tonight, and I brought a bottle of wine. The ceremony did not involve lamb blood (thank goodness), but whenever the lamb blood was mentioned, SR would nudge me with her elbow. Then, at one point during the ceremony, we opened the door for Elijah and Miriam. SarahRose's mom said to me, "This is the door that we put the lamb blood on earlier." I turned bright red. Totally embarrassed. Or maybe it was from all the wine we'd been drinking?
But it was a fun night. And the food...delicious! Yum! Thanks for inviting me, SarahRose!

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