Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have fully recovered from this past weekend at the best party of the year, The Rosendale Street Festival! I worked with my mom and sister at Eat Me Weiners (where I'm sure I ate my weight in hot dogs), I helped out (well, more accurately hung out) at my sister-in-law's B. Graceful booth (featuring hand made jewelry, bags and skirts), and thoroughly enjoyed raspberry margaritas from The Red Brick Tavern. I didn't get a chance to visit my husband's step mother's booth (I guess she's my step-mother-in-law, wow what a mouth full!). Her beautiful art work helps to decorate our apartment, and I would have loved to see some of her new creations. I also had made some Pineapple Mojito Jello Shots, which were delicious and a big hit. I didn't get to listen to many of the bands, but I did hear Dorraine Scofield warming up. I have seen Dorraine a few times around the Hudson Valley, and as usual, she was awesome. Now I'm looking forward to Rosendale's next big party: The 10th International Pickle Festival!


NY Krempls said...

HEY!!! Amy is just now creating a blog, too.
It was great to see you this weekend- and thank you for my Moroccan camel! He's great.


Amy said...

Hey Kieran,
It was great to see you this weekend. I am thinking about coming out to see you sometime this year.
How did you get that vote on you blog?


breanna said...

Those margaritas sure were good...

Bre said...

somehow your blog new my name was Bre. that scares me. But you forgot to mention the Jose you added to the raspberry margaritas to make the Street Fest more enjoyable. hah

George said...

I think the Street Festival needs fireworks....can you Dad roll that in next year?

Emily said...

Kieran - love you and your blog...more soon!
p.s. loved the margaritas and time with my lovely, diverse, family...notice I put margaritas 1st...just kidding -
Talk to you soon!
Love Emily

clarcoog said...

I attempting to creat a blog