Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow for a number of people. My parents, sister, grandmother and grandfather are coming for dinner. I've also invited one of the kids from the group home I work at. He couldn't go home with his family this year, and I thought he should spend it with a family- even if it isn't his own. Plus, he would have been the only verbal person at the house for Thanksgiving. That wouldn't be any fun. So I baked a raspberry pie yesterday. It looks delicious- we'll see tomorrow how it tastes. I have to get up at 9am and immediately start cooking butternut squash. I have to put the turkey in around 11 so that we can eat at 3. I made cornbread tonight for cornbread stuffing which I need to make tomorrow. I also need to make a green bean casserole, but that should be quick. I need to make mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes. But I should be able to fit the turkey and another dish in the oven, so I can cook everything throughout the day and when I take the turkey out, I can throw everything else in to warm up. I have lots of pickles (from the picklefest) to put out as appetizers. And olive tapenade. Yum. And my grandmother is making guacamole (just like the pilgrims!) Let's hope everything goes off without a hitch!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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