Sunday, March 8, 2009

1600 Calorie diet

I have lost 50 pounds! I'm trying to watch what I eat and stay active. Here's that I ate today:
This morning, I had a very healthy breakfast. I had one scrambled egg (cooked with olive oil in stead of butter). One medium egg has approx 65 calories, and the one Tbsp of olive oil has 120 calories. The egg was seasoned with 1 Tbsp black pepper at 16 calories and 1 Tbsp salt at 0 calories. Then, I also had one breakfast chicken sausage that has 60 calories. Then I had one cup of coffee with skim milk at 25 calories. Breakfast had a grand total of 286 calories.
Then I went on a moderate hike with a friend at a state park and had a lovely time. Then, we came back and made lunch. We had a salad which consisted of 3/4 cup of lettuce (5 calories), 2 Tbsp Goddess Dressing (130 calories), 1/8 cup fresh sliced almonds (70 calories), and 1/8 cup dried cranberries (50 calories) The salad had a total of 255 calories. Then we also cooked some roasted garlic chicken sausage which has 140 calories. We dipped the sausage in 1 Tbsp Dill Mustard at 0 calories. We drank Coke Zero which also has 0 calories. The total calories in lunch were 395!
Total calories thus far: 681. Then, we had a Pop Tart for a snack at 200 calories. We also had a seltzer at 0 calories. Up to 881.
For dinner, we had a 4oz ground chicken burger at 180 calories with various seasonings added to increase the caloric total to approximately 209. Burgers were cooked with 1 Tbsp olive oil at 120 calories. We also had 3/4 cup of baked curly fries at 160 calories. We had more Coke Zero with dinner. Now total daily calories are at 1370.
In a little while, I plan to have a glass of Ovaltine with skim milk at 170 calories and a chocolate chip rice cake at 60 calories. That will put my total calories for the day at 1600.
Especially if I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and still work out at home on the other days. Here's to my continued weight loss.

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