Sunday, May 25, 2008


My last day at Franciscan was on Friday. It was the day from hell. Anything that could have gone wrong did (with the exception of death). Happily, the day finally ended and I met Andrew, my Mom (who came to Boston to bring my back to NY), my aunt and uncle, and my cousin and his wife for dinner at the best Sangria place EVER! Two of my friends from work joined us as well. That meant a lot for them to come for one last hurrah!
Saturday we packed a bunch of stuff into the car and were NY bound. I think the trip was most stressful on Daisy (the fish). However, the repercussions of the move are stressful on me (in NY) and Andrew (still in Boston). I've been here for less than 24 hours and have called him 6 times (that's an average of less than every 4 hours).
Now that I'm at my parents, things are starting to normalize. Quincy is happy to have his Mama with him (he's been staying with my parents for about a month so that he wouldn't have to truck back and forth every week like we have been). Daisy is settled in, her tank is in a warm sunny spot in "my room" (aka the computer room- luckily my parents have recently bought a laptop so that they can use the computer without invading my little space). My plants are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in their temporary home on the back deck.
Tomorrow, Quincy and I are going to be in the Memorial Day parade in our little town. My dad has a float in it (A Carousel of Festivals for all the different festivals that the town hosts), and Quince and I will be in the back of the truck waiving to everyone! However, I expect everyone to be like twelve people, but it will be fun regardless.
My nerves are running high when I think about starting my new job on Tuesday. Right now, my biggest concerns are silly things like:
1. Can I find the correct building?
2. Where should I park
3. What should I wear? I'd rather be overdressed than under dressed, but ideally I'd like to be dressed just right.
4. What will Tuesday consist of? They say it's orientation for moving patients and such, but I've worked in a hospital for a year and a half... I think I know how to move a patient. I have done it once or twice.
5. What should I plan to do for lunch?
6. Once I start my position, the people who will show me how to do my job are the people who I'm supposed to be supervising. How will that work?
7. Will they like me?
It's hard to start a new job. Especially when my biggest supporter is living 3 and a half hours away.
I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful holiday weekend!!!

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