Thursday, November 1, 2007

Giving Back

My sister-in-law Breanna sent me an invitation to Kiva. It is a program where you can lend money to people in developing countries trying to start a business. Loans aren't 100% guaranteed, but some are a lower risk than others.
I was looking through the people asking for loans and found Sirri Magdalene. She is a widow and mother of 6. She is trying to start a pig farming business. I lent her $25 towards her business. This loan is considered a "high risk" loan. But if I don't get it back, it's only $25. And $25 might not seem like a lot to me, but I bet it means a lot to her. As of this minute, she has raised $275 but still needs to raise another $925 to reach her desired loan amount of $1,200.
Lending money like this makes me feel like I am giving back. I wish the best of luck to Surri Magdalene and her family!

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