Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Success!

The Christmas Party went so well! Thee was plenty of food. My Swedish Meatballs were a hit- none left over! And a special someone made a surprise stop! That's right, the big guy himself stopped by the house and he handed out the letters to the kids. One girl was so overwhelmed that she started to cry. It was just a good day.
I'd better get a move on today, though. I have big plans. I have to run to town to finish up my Christmas shopping- 2 people left! And I want to help my grand parents put up Christmas lights outside. And I want to find my digital camera (vacation is quickly approaching, and I'm not going to Belize without a camera!!!). And I also would like to get a Christmas Tree today. And it's almost 11 and I'm not even dressed yet. Switching into high gear!!

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