Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adventures at Petco

Quincy and I drove Andrew to school this morning. On the way back, I decided to go to the grocery store even though I had Quincy with me. I just needed potatoes and a box of cereal, so I knew that Quincy would be ok in the car for the 5 minutes that it would take me. Plus, Petco was right there, and I want to get Quincy a Halloween costume, so Quincy could go into that store with me. Well, he was fine when I was in the grocery store, so we headed over to Petco. There was a lady with 2 dogs in the parking lot and he started howling at them as soon as he saw them. Then when we were close enough, he started to so his pouncing and running thing that he does when he's excited- except he looks like a retard when he does that when he's on a leash. So I finally get him into the store. He jumps up onto his back feet near a worker who is filling the "bag your own treats" section which is like that candy aisle that they have at grocery stores. The worker was so impressed that he gave Quincy a treat. Very satisfied with himself, he let us continue over to the Halloween costumes. I wanted Quincy to be a bumble bee so that he would match my costume, but they were all out of bumble bee costumes in his size. Many of the other costumes were too girly- even for him. They had a Ladybug, a Pirate Wench, a Princess and a Peacock (I know it was a male peacock costume b/c it was so colorful, but it was covered in Rhinestones). I had it narrowed down to an Indian or a Pumpkin. I made Quincy sit and I held a costume in each hand. He sniffed them both then really started to sniff the Pumpkin, so that was the one he chose. Then I brought him to the toys so that he could pick one out, but he wasn't interested. We went over to the treats because we're almost out of biscuits. As I was comparing prices of the different biscuits, I look behind me to see that Quincy had pulled a Raw Hide off the lowest shelf and started eating it. I guess he wanted Raw Hide more than biscuits, so we walked over to the cashier. I was carrying the costume, and Quincy was carrying the raw hide. After we paid, Quincy even carried it out to the car, then from the car to the apartment. He is awfully proud of himself and his purchase.

Also, I have a collage for each of the animals.

Quincy: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Roxy: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I finished this one last night.

She-Ra: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ok, I'm off to get caught up on dishes. Fun, fun, fun! :-(

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Bre said...

aw tell boo i miss him