Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yankees Buzz

There has been lots of buzz the past few days about the Yankees 2008 Season. Here are my thoughts...
I am happy with the idea of Joe Girardi as manager. Girardi played as a Yankee for years, so he knows the organization well. Plus, I always thought he was cute- like a pixie or something.
Free Agents:
Posada (catcher) is putting himself out as a free-agent, and that makes me sad.
Doug Mientkiewicz (1st base)is also a free agent, but he wants back in with the Yankees. If the Yankees are smart, they'll get him back.
Riverra (closer)- I wouldn't mind to keep him for another year or two, but if he goes I'm sure Joba (best reliever EVER) could replace him.
I'd like to keep Vizcaino (reliever), but it won't be the end of the world if we don't.
We should make an offer to Molina (catcher)- especially since Posada is looking elsewhere.
We should try to keep Abreu. I want him back next year.
Same with Pettitte. I've always been a fan of Pettitte.
Clemens was ok this year, but he's 45 years old and is not worth all that $$.
And I'll tell you right now...I'm not going to shed ANY tears over A-Rod's departure.
I think I've covered all the Yankee News from the past few days.

If Joe Torre goes with the Dodgers, I whole heartedly wish him the best. Heres hoping for a Yankees/Dodgers World Series on '08!

PS- I can't wait for tomorrow! HALLOWEEN!
Here's a clip from one of my favorite Halloween movies.

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Bre said...

i love the video. just watched it and i danced along. :) Happy Halloween