Saturday, October 6, 2007

Skeletons, Crochet, and Baseball

My skeletons were glowing to beat the band, but all the pictures of them came out black! So I'm sorry to say that there is no pictures of my glowing skeletons- which sucks because they look really cool!

Anyway, does anyone know how to crochet? Or maybe know someone who knows how to crochet? I am trying to teach myself, but I'm stuck and need someone to help.

Also, I want to take some time to talk about the Yankees. I know that I currently live in Boston, but I'm a New Yorker- born and bred. So my loyalty goes to the boys in pinstripes. Let's just hope that once they are back in their pinstripes (i.e. playing at Yankee Stadium), they will get their acts together. Come on, boys! It's October! Don't get me wrong- Petitte was awesome! And I totally appreciate Melky's home run. This is definitely not the time to load the bases in the bottom of the 11th inning (Vizcaino- I'm talking to YOU). I suppose that one could assume that much of my anger would be directed at Joba- since the tying run scored when he was pitching, but I have a not-so-secret about him.
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I love him! He is my favorite Yankee! I used to feel this way about Bernie Williams- and I still do. Believe me- I am big supporter of the idea that they never should have let Bernie go- keep him around for 1 more year- he was a key clutch player! But Bernie's off enjoying retirement, and now Joba has come to fill the void in my heart. And as for letting the tying run score- I personally blame that swarm of bugs! Their invasion peaked while Joba was pitching in the bottom of the 8th. You want to know what Joba is really all about? You should have seen him in the 7th. Here's to hoping that they relax today, head home ready to kick some Indian butt tomorrow!


schmoopie said...

you are too much! x's & o's

Anonymous said...


I can crochet SOME---but
I found knitting to be much
easier. I have 2 baby afghans
I knitted for Andrew (future
little ones).

It depends how far you are on the
crocheting--you might be past my
skills--but I can do a lot with
knitting. Love MOM-inlaw