Thursday, October 25, 2007

My work week...

I had a particularly gross week at work. Monday night wasn't too bad, nothing unusual. Then Tuesday night, however, I got peed on by a baby. Ewww! I had the night nurse supervisor bring me a new scrub top from the OR. Then last night, I got puked on! Yuck! I am totally hoping that over the next 4 days, everyone else can keep their waste products to themselves.
On the bright side, I finally have my big ball of cat love that I've wanted since we brought She-Ra home.

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Looking forward to a fun weekend coming up!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kieran--Better get used to "body
waste"---wait until you have kids!!
I could tell you a few stories but
doubt you want to read them since
you are experiencing some. The scariest was at the hospital and I was floated to a surgical floor and this poor lady literally threw up at least half her blood--I was SO SCARED--We called a code and there was a Male supervisor--he kept cool--which helped me keep cool--and she actually lived--everyone thought it was the end.

I will try to send you some pic's
from our masquerade party--It looked like great fun you and Andrew had at the MAZE. See you
soon!! Mom