Sunday, September 16, 2007

1 down... 10 to go!

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If you remember my post- 10 confessions from 8/23/07- I mentioned that I want to be in every state by the time I'm 30. I had 11 more that I had to hit. But now... I'm down to 10!
Because of my ankle, we had to think of something to do that didn't involve much walking. Andrew had a hankering for Pizza Hut, and I wanted to cross another state off of my list. We just had to figure- did we want to go to Vermont or Rhode Island. When scoping out the proximity of Pizza Huts and other things to do, we decided to head north. There is a Pizza Hut in Concord, NH- about an hour and a half away. The pizza was yummy (their new dipping strips pizza with ham and pineapple), and the breadsticks were EXTRA yummy!
Then, we went another hour and a half northwest to Windsor, Vermont. The Harpoon brewery!
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If you've never been to this brewery, their tour consists of a walking tour around the brewery so that you can see all aspects of the beer brewing process- from the raw ingredients to the bottling line. And the best part of the tour... free samples!
I know it might sound silly to you. But all we did was drive an hour and a half for Pizza Hut, then another hour and a half for free beer samples. If you can't do that in your twenties, when can you?
And the most important thing... only 10 states left!
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Breanna said...

Again, you guys are too cool. Gavin is begging for those dipping strips!

George said...

I had the same goal, but never made it. 41 and I have 2 states left: North Dakota (which I don't see me ever getting) and Alaska (which we are planning to go to next summer). My friend Matt, whom I started the goal with, had only Alaska left 1 week before his 30th birthday. He bought an airline ticket, packed a backpack, had a moose burger, and returned home mission accomplished!

Pamela said...

Hey Kieran,

GLAD you have the kitti no
matter how cute she is. Just watch
out for the electrical cords
because she had a penchant for
them here. I will try to get
Mike to send you the earlier

Love Mom