Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Breanna tagged me on her blog to do this next. Usually I don't do things like this, but because I'm house bound, I have nothing better to talk about. So here goes:
Sound: Ben Folds Songs

Late Night Snack:This is going to sound really weird, but trust me...it's good. I take a slice of American cheese, put some yellow mustard on it and add a pickle slice or 2. Yummy!

Smell: Banana bread baking (or the banana nut candle from Yankee Candles...same smell)

Color Combination: White and Yellow- remember how pretty my wedding was?

Nut: Yum! I love all nuts! My favorite nuts are the kinds that you can buy from the guy on the street. You know, the warm nuts that are honey roasted and covered in sugar and salt!

Time of Year: I am a summer girl! I love going swimming, cooking on the BBQ, drinking frozen cocktails with friends outside watching the sun set, goofing off around a bonfire, eating fruits and vegetables that my parents grew... I'm totally a fan of summer!

Books: Seriously, usually whatever book that I'm currently reading is my favorite, but if I have to think back to past books... recently I've loved Marley & Me , My Sister's Keeper, The Secret Lives of Bees, and The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

Female Actress: When I was growing up, I used to love Drew Barrymore. I still like her, but she hasn't done any spectacular movies lately (it's hard to top classics like The Wedding Singer- one of my favorites), but I'm actually really into Mandy Moore right now. She has dome some really funny moves (like Saved! and Because I Said So), and she has/will be doing guest spots on 2 of my favorite tv shows (Scrubs last season, and she's going to be on the premier of How I Met Your Mother), and her newest album, Wild Hope, is not teen pop, like her other stuff, she sings like a grown up! I sound like her agent or something!

Flower: Daisy

Vacation Spot: Anywhere where I can sit on a beach with a frozen drink in my hand...

Pizza: Buffalo Chicken!! With Bleu Cheese!

Subject in School: Math and History

TV Channel: I don't have a favorite because most of the stuff that they show on tv is crap!

Radio Station: I prefer to listen to home made mix cds.

Holiday: Halloween- I went Trick or Treat-ing until I was a senior in high school! And I still wear a costume!

Perfume: I haven't work perfume since 1998. Sorry!

Shoes: I had this pair of Sketchers sandals 2 years ago- loved them- wore them out until there were holes in the bottom. I liked them so much that I went online and ordered a new pair of the same exact shoes, so I guess they're my favorite!

Candy: I don't really have a favorite candy. I'm much more of a cookies or chocolate ice cream kind of girl.

City to Shop: I don't really like shopping. I'd rather save money for a big purchase- like a vacation or something. Or maybe a fancy dinner.

Beauty Products: Does shampoo and conditioner count as beauty products? I use nice smelling Bath and Body Works lotion. Oh- wait! I have this St. Ives Apricot facial scrub that I like!

Item to Shop For: Plants. I love all of my plants!

As far as tagging other people, I'm going to have to go with Amy (if you want to) and my sister Bre (Bre- you can use your Live Journal...) because there are the only other 2 people with blogs that I talk to. Girls- if you don't redo this thing, I will only cry myself to sleep for 1 week. Just Kidding! ;-)

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Bre said...

k i just did it on LJ. too bad you can't read it cause you don't have one. muahahaha